Play as a pip on the surface of a die, using the effects of Holonomy to navigate a non-euclidean environment to find your spot.

The audio on the web player has some glitches and pops (only some of which are intentional!). This is a known regression of the most recent Godot web versions, and the downloadable versions below do not have this issue.
If the game displays as a black cube, reduce the render quality in the settings, or download below to play in high quality.

Made in 48 hours for the 2022 GMTK Game Jam

Theme: Roll of the Dice

Click inside the window after the game has loaded! Inputs won't register until you do.
  A, D or Left, Right: Move
  W, Up, or Space: Jump
  F or F11: Fullscreen
  Enter: Menu
  Left Stick: Move
  A: Jump, Select
  B: Menu
  Touch anywhere on-screen to bring up on-screen controls. Handed-ness options in settings! Fullscreen highly recommended - find it in the settings as well.

Post Jam Update: Added widescreen, improved bloom effect, an options menu, quality settings, mobile/touch support, high contrast mode, fixed some problems with Maze, as well as a few other small tweaks :3


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Holonomy 16 MB
Holonomy Android.apk 26 MB
Holonomy 17 MB

Development log


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Really liked this game! Are there gonna be more updates?

Amazing game. 5, 10, however many stars as possible

make more levlse ples

Hey Fuzzyzilla!
We just reviewed your game and we had a lot of fun while playing it! Here's a link to the video, and we'd love to hear your thoughts on it!
(Spoiler Alert: We picked you as our winner!)


Nice atmospheric game you have here, felt like solving a rubix cube puzzle except easier


This was a really innovative and fun take on a platformer. Great work!

Thank you so much for playing! Really enjoyed watching your playthrough, glad you liked what I came up with :D



(1 edit) (+1)

This is an awesome game! I love the music and mechanics. It fills so smooth and slowly makes levels harder


This game is really well done. Like how it's made in godot too!




Great game


Very entertaining concept but the gameplay wasn't for me per se. Best of luck!


wow, this is great! excellent puzzles, beautiful diverse themes in both visuals and sound. I hope you make more!


This is The best use of the dices holonomy I have seen in the jam. 15/15! I can see this in the top 100.


Very nice atmosphere! Sound design is on point

Glad to see another Godot dev.


this is brilliant


This is so clever and beautiful with its atmosphere. Exactly my kind of game. Looking forward to the d20 edition ;-)


Dam really cool game. Sadly the beginning is very linear and latly the orientation grows exponential hard. The last game needed pixel perfect jumps but for the jam, it was good job. I like the ambient.


Thanks for the feedback! It was a tough balance to teach the mechanics near the beginning and to allow more freedom for problem solving near the end, but I understand that the difficulty curve probably isn't perfect (Maze is perhaps more difficult than it has any right to be!)


This isn't just a good game jam game, this is just a good freaking game in general. Really enjoyed this. If I had to nickpick the end of Circuit was kind of dumb, but it wasn't that bad.



Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed :)


This was a good game .